Commercial Refrigeration Services

Commercial Systems

Grocery Store Parallel Rack System

We provide the best commercial refrigeration repair and service in Hibbing and the Iron Range. Convenience stores and small grocery stores are some of our specialties.

Walk-In Freezers & Coolers

Walk-In Freezer

We design, build, install, and maintain both indoor, and outdoor walk-in freezers and coolers.

Commercial Ice Machines

Commercial Ice Machine

We sell and service all major ice machines, Including Scotsman, Manitowoc, Ice-O-Matic, and Kold Draft.

Portable Refrigeration


We sell and service all brands of reach-in and undercounter refrigeration including True, Delfield, and Beverage Air brands.

Industrial Refrigeration

Milling Machine with oil chiller

We work on the oil chiller systems of your 5-axis milling machines as well as the cooling systems of your industrial lasers.

We also have experience with nitrogen generators.

Automation and Control

KE2Therm Evap Efficiency Controller

Using specialized electronic, web integrated controls, we can:

Eliminate Frost in your walk-in

Save you thousands on utilities

Increase product quality

Alert you to problems before you notice them

Before and After pictures of walk-in with frost problems

Standard Controlled walk-in freezer. All Frosted up

Walk-In Freezer with Standard Controls

This is a typical walk-in freezer with standard controls. It went into defrost 4 times per day whether it needed to or not. 

The product, walls, and ceilings were covered in frost and ice. Also, the product was sticking together (hamburgers, etc.) when brought out for use.

KE2Therm controlled walk in freezer

Walk-In Freezer with Advanced Controls

Here is the same walk-in, one week later after installing advanced controls. The system only defrosts once every 2 days now, and there is no frost inside the room.

The customer is saving so much money in electricity alone that he will recover his investment in less than 2 years!