Refrigeration and Building Automation


Internet Enabled Refrigeration Control Services

Whether you want a simple wi-fi enabled thermostat to control your home from anywhere in the world, or a complete, integrated system for your commercial building, we can provide the solution.

Refrigeration Automation will clear up any frost and moisture in your walk-in's and alert you to any problems via email or text message. All while saving a bundle on energy and keeping your product fresher.

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Building Automation - nursing home digital control retrofit

Taco iworx controls

Building Automation Controllers

Using iWorx controllers by Taco Electronics, we replaced all of the old pneumatic and electromechanical controls of this nursing home. Now the workers ad residents are comfortable.

Visitors even comment about how the air is fresh and the temperature and humidity are comfortable.

Taco iWorx Screenshot

Everyone is a winner

The administration loves the system because is saves money and increases productivity.

The maintenance team loves the system because they can monitor and control everything from anywhere in the world. 

If there is an equipment problem, maintenance is notified by email or text before anyone knows there is a problem.

Commercial Building Digital controls

New Commercial Building Install

System consists of a 2-stage heat pump coupled with an air handler with variable frequency drive controller. Also, high efficiency boilers provide extra heat in the dead of Winter to provide custom heat to 4 different offices in a commercial building.

No more having to fight over the thermostat! Every office has its own thermostat and customizable air supply so EVERYBODY IS COMFORTABLE!

Prolon Control with Variable Frequency Drive Air Handler

Everything is controllable over the net and the system monitors its own performance.

A few months ago, this system alerted the building owner that he had a drive belt that was about to go bad. It hadn't actually failed yet, but the system was smart enough to measure the amp draw and airflow and determine that the belt was worn. A new belt was installed before a breakdown ever occurred.

Prolon Control Screenshot

Monitor Everything

With HVAC Automation, everything, from temperatures, to airflow, static pressure, status of heating, cooling, and fresh air systems can be remotely controlled and monitored by our company or by your building maintenance team.